We are dedicated professionals committed to excellence.
We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and have a
passion for what we do. Our team unconditionally guarantees all services and products.

Values, visions, honesty, integrity and personal growth are what drive our education and commitment to our clients. Our team is a professional family of committed artists that work as one!


Our goal is to welcome you and your family and to offer you the highest level of service. Our TEAM of highly trained professionals are some of the most qualified stylists in the industry.

Our stylists provide a unified vision which is custom tailored to each individual guest. We are constantly striving to improve our skills by attending advance training and education sessions.


We (Paul and Lisa) took ownership of the salon in March 2018. Our simple goal is to make the salon a success in every way – For the clients, for our professionals and for ourselves. We will do it with honesty and integrity and attempt to create a truly pleasant experience for everyone. If you come in and don’t feel that we met this goal seek one of us out right away. And thank you in advance!

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